Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter
From Fundamental Aspects to Electronic Functionality

Selected Publications


Proximity control of interlayer exciton-phonon hybridization in van der Waals heterostructures

P. Merkl, C.-K. Yong, M. Liebich, I. Hofmeister, G. Berghäuser, E. Malic, R. Huber

Nature Communications


Picosecond time-resolved photon antibunching measures nanoscale exciton motion and the true number of chromophores

G.J. Hedley, T. Schröder, F. Steiner, T. Eder, F. Hofmann, S. Bange, D. Laux, S. Höger, P. Tinnefeld,
J.M. Lupton, J. Vogelsang

Nature Communications


Lateral Force Microscopy Reveals the Energy Barrier of a Molecular Switch

A.J. Weymouth, E. Riegel, B. Simmet, O. Gretz, F.J. Giessibl

ACS Nano


Floquet spin states in OLEDs

S. Jamali, V.V. Mkhitaryan, H. Malissa, A. Nahlawi, H. Popli, T. Grünbaum, S. Bange, S. Milster,
D.M. Stoltzfus, A.E. Leung, T.A. Darwish, P.L. Burn, J. M. Lupton, C. Boehme

Nature Communications


Linearly Polarized Electroluminescence from MoS2 Monolayers Deposited on Metal Nanoparticles: Toward Tunable Room‐Temperature Single‐Photon Sources

R.P. Puchert, F.J. Hofmann, H.S. Angerer, J. Vogelsang, S. Bange, J.M. Lupton



Two-Dimensional-Dirac Surface States and Bulk Gap Probed viaQuantum Capacitance in a Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator

J. Wang, C. Gorini, K. Richter, Z. Wang, Y. Ando, D. Weiss

Nano Letters


Super-resolution lightwave tomography of electronic bands in quantum materials

M. Borsch, C.P. Schmid, L. Weigl, S. Schlauderer, N. Hofmann, C. Lange, J.T. Steiner, S.W. Koch,
R. Huber,M. Kira



Terahertz photoresistivity of a high-mobility 3D topological insulator based on a strained HgTe film

M. L. Savchenko, M. Ottender, I. A. Dmitriev, N. N. Mikhailov, Z. D.Kvon, S. D. Ganichev

Applied Physics Letters


Gate-Tunable Two-Dimensional Superlattices in Graphene

R. Huber, M.-H. Liu, S.-C. Chen, M. Drienovsky, A. Sandner, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, K. Richter,
D. Weiss, J. Eroms

Nano Letters


Anomalous Cyclotron Motion in Graphene Superlattice Cavities

R. Kraft, M.-H. Liu, P. B. Selvasundaram, S.-C. Chen, R. Krupke, K. Richter, R. Danneau

Physical Review Letters


Quantitative sampling of atomic-scale electromagnetic waveforms

D. Peller, C. Roelcke, L. Z. Kastner, T. Buchner, A. Neef, J. Hayes, F. Bonafé, D. Sidler, M. Ruggenthaler,
A. Rubio, R. Huber, J. Repp

Nature Photonics


Swapping spin interactions in ex-so-tic van der Waals heterostructures

K. Zollner, M. Gmitra, J. Fabian

Physical Review Letters


Fabry-Pérot Oscillations in Correlated Carbon Nanotubes

W. Yang, C. Urgell, S. L. De Bonis, M. Margańska, M. Grifoni, A. Bachtold

Physical Review Letters


Sub-cycle atomic-scale forces coherently control a single-molecule switch

D. Peller, L.Z. Kastner, T. Buchner, C. Roelcke, F. Albrecht, N. Moll, R. Huber, J. Repp



Ultrafast terahertz saturable absorbers using tailored intersubband polaritons

J. Raab, F.P. Mezzapesa, L. Viti, N. Dessmann, L.K. Diebel, L. Li , A.G. Davies, E.H. Linfield, C. Lange, R. Huber, M.S. Vitiello

Nature Communications


Non-adiabatic stripping of a cavity field from electrons in the deep-strong coupling regime

M. Halbhuber, J. Mornhinweg, V. Zeller, C. Ciuti, D. Bougeard, R. Huber, C. Lange

Nature Photonics


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