Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter
From Fundamental Aspects to Electronic Functionality


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Atom-by-Atom Assembly and Investigation of Small Fe Clusters with High-Resolution Atomic Force Microscopy
J. Berwanger
Dissertation, Universität Regensburg (2020)
Anomalous Josephson Hall effect charge and transverse spin currents in superconductor/ferromagnetic insulator/superconductor junctions
A. Costa, and J. Fabian
Physical Review B 101, 104508 (2020)
Atomically Resolved Chemical Reactivity of Small Fe Clusters
J. Berwanger, S. Polesya, S. Mankovsky, H. Ebert, and F. Giessibl
Physical Review Letters 124, 096001 (2020)
Manipulating and probing the distribution of excess electrons in an electrically-isolated self-assembled molecular structure
P. Scheuerer, L. Patera, and J. Repp
Nano Letters 20, 1839-1845 (2020)
Inelastic light scattering by intrasubband spin-density excitations in GaAs-AlGaAs quantum wells with balanced Bychkov-Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction: Quantitative determination of the spin-orbit field
S. Gelfert, C. Frankerl, C. Reichl, D. Schuh, G. Salis, W. Wegscheider, D. Bougeard, T. Korn, and C. Schüller
Phys. Rev. B 101 (2020)
Quantifying nanoscale electromagnetic fields in near-field microscopy by Fourier demodulation analysis
F. Mooshammer, M. Huber, F. Sandner, M. Plankl, M. Zizlsperger, and R. Huber
ACS Photonics (2020)
Perdeuteration of poly[2-methoxy-5-(2'- ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene] (d-MEH-PPV): control of microscopic charge-carrier spin–spin coupling and of magnetic-field effects in optoelectronic devices
D. Stoltzfus, G. Joshi, H. Popli, S. Jamali, M. Kavand, S. Milster, T. Grünbaum, S. Bange, A. Nahlawi, M. Teferi, S. Atwood, A. Leung, T. Darwish, H. Malissa, P. Burn, J. Lupton, and C. Boehme
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8, 2764-2771 (2020)
Spin pumping during the antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition of iron-rhodium
Y. Wang, M. Decker, T. Meier, X. Chen, C. Song, T. Grünbaum, W. Zhao, J. Zhang, L. Chen, and C. Back
Nature Communications 11, 275 (2020)
Unraveling a concealed resonance by multiple Kondo transitions in a quantum dot
A. Lahiri, T. Hata, S. Smirnov, M. Ferrier, T. Arakawa, M. Niklas, M. Marganska, K. Kobayashi, and M. Grifoni
Phys. Rev. B 101, 041102 (2020)


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