Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter
From Fundamental Aspects to Electronic Functionality


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Link between supercurrent diode and anomalous Josephson effect revealed by gate-controlled interferometry
S. Reinhardt, T. Ascherl, A. Costa, J. Berger, S. Gronin, G. Gardner, T. Lindemann, M. Manfra, J. Fabian, D. Kochan, C. Strunk, and N. Paradiso
arXiv preprint (2023)
Sign reversal of the Josephson inductance magnetochiral anisotropy and 0–π-like transitions in supercurrent diodes
A. Costa, C. Baumgartner, S. Reinhardt, J. Berger, S. Gronin, G. Gardner, T. Lindemann, M. Manfra, J. Fabian, D. Kochan, N. Paradiso, and C. Strunk
Nature Nanotechnology (2023)
Highly anisotropic magnetoresistance of organic light-emitting diodes at geomagnetic field strengths
T. Grünbaum, V. Mkhitaryan, E. Schmid, F. Dallinger, S. Bange, W. Jiang, T. Darwish, P. Burn, and J. Lupton
Physical Review B 108, 1-9 (2023)
Twist-angle dependent proximity induced spin-orbit coupling in graphene/topological insulator heterostructures
T. Naimer, and J. Fabian
Phys. Rev. B 107, 195144 (2023)
Build-up and dephasing of Floquet-Bloch bands on subcycle timescales
S. Ito, M. Schüler, M. Meierhofer, S. Schlauderer, J. Freudenstein, J. Reimann, D. Afanasiev, K. Kokh, O. Tereshchenko, J. Güdde, M. Sentef, U. Höfer, and R. Huber
Nature 616, 696-701 (2023)
Dynamical Spin-Orbit-Based Spin Transistor
F. Gürsoy, P. Reck, C. Gorini, K. Richter, and İ. Adagideli
SciPost Physics 14, 060 (2023)
Signatures of Electric Field and Layer Separation Effects on the Spin-Valley Physics of MoSe2/WSe2 Heterobilayers: From Energy Bands to Dipolar Excitons
P. Faria Junior, and J. Fabian
Nanomaterials 13, 1187 (2023)
Particle conserving approach to ac-dc driven interacting quantum dots with superconducting leads
J. Siegl, J. Picó-Cortés, and M. Grifoni
Physical Review B 107, 115405 (2023)
Charge quenching at defect states in transition metal dichalcogenide–graphene van der Waals heterobilayers
D. Hernangómez-Pérez, A. Donarini, and S. Refaely-Abramson
Physical Review B 107, 075419 (2023)
Universal HOM-type S-matrix correlations in chaotic (non-)trivial topological insulators and an improved model for the AFM and STM characteristics in Cu-based quantum corrals
A. Bereczuk
Dissertation, Universität Regensburg (2023)
Influence of chirp and carrier-envelope phase on noninteger high-harmonic generation
M. Graml, M. Nitsch, A. Seith, F. Evers, and J. Wilhelm
Physical Review B 107, 054305 (2023)
Two-bands Ising superconductivity from Coulomb interactions in monolayer NbSe2
S. Hörhold, J. Graf, M. Marganska, and M. Grifoni
2D Materials 10, 025008 (2023)
Interfacial Tuning of Anisotropic Gilbert Damping
L. Chen, S. Mankovsky, M. Kronseder, D. Schuh, M. Prager, D. Bougeard, H. Ebert, D. Weiss, and C. Back
Physical Review Letters 130, 046704 (2023)
Interferometric carrier-envelope phase stabilization for ultrashort pulses in the mid-infrared
M. Meierhofer, S. Maier, D. Afanasiev, J. Freudenstein, J. Riepl, J. Helml, C. Schmid, and R. Huber
Optics Letters 48, 1112-1115 (2023)
Non‐Destructive Low‐Temperature Contacts to MoS2 Nanoribbon and Nanotube Quantum Dots
R. Schock, J. Neuwald, W. Möckel, M. Kronseder, L. Pirker, M. Remškar, and A. Hüttel
Advanced Materials, 2209333 (2023)
Strong manipulation of the valley splitting upon twisting and gating in MoSe₂/CrI₃ and WSe₂/CrI₃ van der Waals heterostructures
K. Zollner, P. Faria Junior, and J. Fabian
Phys. Rev. B 107, 035112 (2023)


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