Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter
From Fundamental Aspects to Electronic Functionality

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Application to the IRTG is possible at all times. For the selection of a particular research direction within CRC1277, please take a look at the different workgroups and their projects. A list of the research groups participating in the CRC can be found here.

The application procedure depends on whether you come with a Bachelor’s Degree or with a Master’s Degree. Those who join without a Master’s Degree are being encouraged to obtain one too on their way towards their Ph.D. without much extra effort.


If you have (or expect to have soon) a Master Degree in Physics
or a closely related field you are welcome to apply for a Ph.D. position either directly to one of the PIs of CRC 1277 or to the administrative coordinator.
For the application, please provide:


If you have (or expect soon to have soon) a Bachelor Degree in Physics
or a closely related field it is advantageous to apply to our regular Master program first1. In this case please provide an application to our M.Sc. Physics program. Please include all other parts of your application to IRTG, too. Follow the Link for all details.


We offer a limited number of attractive short-term scholarships of different kinds:

We evaluate candidates for these scholarships by their full application to IRTG. In case of
questions, please contact us.INK



For exceptional students we also also offer a short-cut towards a Ph.D without a Master degree. For details and advice, please contact us directly. LINK


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