Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter
From Fundamental Aspects to Electronic Functionality

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Mon - 17.12.2018
13:30 h
Room: PHY 9.1.11
Jascha Repp
Universität Regensburg
Beyond the molecular movie: Dynamics of bands and bonds during a photoinduced phase transition
Tue - 08.01.2019
14:15 h
Room: PHY 9.2.01
Prof. Dr. Peter Bøggild
DTU Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby
Graphene at the edge of perfection
Thu - 10.01.2019
15:15 h
Room: PHY 5.0.21
Prof. Peter Schmelcher
Zentrum für optische Quantentechnologien, Universität Hamburg
Local Symmetries in Wave Mechanics: From Fundamentals to First Applications
Mon - 14.01.2019
13:15 h
Room: PHY 9.1.11
Tobias Preis
Universität Regensburg
Edge State Engineering of Graphene Nanoribbons
Fri - 18.01.2019
12:30 h
Room: PHY 8.1.09
Thomas Huber
Universität Regensburg
Report on the paper "Charge quantum interference device", S. E. de Graaf et al., Nature Physics 14, 590 (2018)
Mon - 21.01.2019
13:15 h
Room: PHY 9.1.11
Laerte Patera
Universität Regensburg
Tuning charge and correlation effects for a single molecule on a graphene device
Mon - 28.01.2019
13:15 h
Room: PHY 9.1.11
Jinbo Peng
Universität Regensburg
A standing molecule as a single-electron field emitter
Thu - 31.01.2019
15:15 h
Room: PHY 5.0.21
Dr. Dmitry Polyakov


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Doris Meier
Universität Regensburg



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