Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter
From Fundamental Aspects to Electronic Functionality

Currently several PhD positions are available in Condensed Matter Physics!

Please see below for our offer in English. For the German text we would like to refer you to this site (please click here)!
In general you are welcome to contact the Principal Investigators for other job opportunities too.



The University of Regensburg with its over 21,000 students is an innovative and interdisciplinary working university that provides a broad variety of research projects and disciplines for German and foreign students.

The Department of Physics at Regensburg University offers
several PhD Positions in Condensed Matter Physics

Within the Collaborative Research Center “Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter” (CRC 1277, funded by the DFG since 2017), we are investigating the fundamental properties of electronic systems with non-trivial topological properties or strong spin-orbit interactions (www.sfb1277- regensburg.de for further details).

Our strength is a culture of joint efforts of experimental, theoretical and computational research groups to address highly challenging problems, and to evolve basic research towards future applications. At present, the CRC 1277 comprises 16 projects, 25 principal investigators and over 35 PhD students. All PhD students are members of the Integrated Research Training Group of the CRC.

We invite applications from inquisitive and ambitious individuals who wish to contribute to our endeavors with sharp minds, fresh ideas and technical knowhow. Experience in scanning-probe methods, cryogenic transport measurements, laser spectroscopy or advanced methods in theoretical condensed matter physics is desirable.

The minimum academic requirements are typically met with a degree in physics or a related field with above-average grades, along with fluency in English. The salary is based on pay grade E13 with up to 75% full-time equivalent. The positions for PhD students are fixed-term agreements.
The University of Regensburg is committed to reconciling family and work (see http://www.uni-regensburg.de/chancengleichheit). Please submit your application, including a cover letter, CV, transcripts, diplomas and other relevant documents, in one PDF file, and arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent by April 30th, 2019 to the head of the CRC 1277 Integrated Research Training Group, Prof. Dr. C. Strunk, Institute for Experimental and Applied Physics, Regensburg University, E-Mail: Christoph.Strunk@ur.de .




SFB 1277
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