Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter
From Fundamental Aspects to Electronic Functionality


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Interatomic force laws that evade dynamic measurement
J. Sader, B. Hughes, F. Huber, and F. Giessibl
Nature Nanotechnology 13, 1088 (2018)
Nanoscale Near-Field Tomography of Surface States on (Bi0.5Sb0.5)2Te3
F. Mooshammer, F. Sandner, M. Huber, M. Zizlsperger, H. Weigand, M. Plankl, C. Weyrich, M. Lanius, J. Kampmeier, G. Mussler, D. Grützmacher, J. Boland, T. Cocker, and R. Huber
Nano Letters 18, 7515-7523 (2018)
Lateral manipulation of single iron adatoms by means of combined atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy using CO-terminated tips
J. Berwanger, F. Huber, F. Stilp, and F. Giessibl
Physical Review B (PRB) 98, 195409 (2018)
Connection between zero-energy Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states and 0−π transitions in magnetic Josephson junctions
A. Costa, J. Fabian, and D. Kochan
Physical Review B 98, 134511 (2018)
Edge currents driven by terahertz radiation in graphene in quantum Hall regime
H. Plank, M. Durnev, S. Candussio, J. Pernul, K. Dantscher, E. Mönch, A. Sandner, J. Eroms, D. Weiss, V. Belkov, S. Tarasenko, and S. Ganichev
2D Materials 1, 0110021-0110027 (2018)
Temperature dependent electronic transport in concentrated solid solutions of the 3d-transition metals Ni, Fe, Co and Cr from first principles
G. Samolyuk, S. Mu, A. May, B. Sales, S. Wimmer, S. Mankovsky, H. Ebert, and G. Stocks
Phys. Rev. B 98, 165141 (2018)
Quasiclassical theory of the spin–orbit magnetoresistance of three-dimensional Rashba metals
S. Tölle, M. Dzierzawa, U. Eckern, and C. Gorini
New Journal of Physics 20, 103024 (2018)
Subcycle observation of lightwave-driven Dirac currents in a topological surface band
J. Reimann, S. Schlauderer, C. Schmid, F. Langer, S. Baierl, K. Kokh, O. Tereshchenko, A. Kimura, C. Lange, J. Güdde, U. Höfer, and R. Huber
Nature 562, 396-400 (2018)
Transport Spectroscopy of Sublattice-Resolved Resonant Scattering in Hydrogen-Doped Bilayer Graphene
J. Katoch, T. Zhu, D. Kochan, S. Singh, J. Fabian, and R. Kawakami
Physical Review Letters 121, 136801 (2018)
Quantum time mirrors for general two-band systems
P. Reck, C. Gorini, and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 98, 125421 (2018)
Near Length-Independent Conductance in Polymethine Molecular Wires
S. Gunasekaran, D. Hernangómez-Pérez, I. Davydenko, S. Marder, F. Evers, and L. Venkataraman
Nano Letters 18, 6387-6391 (2018)
Gilbert damping in noncollinear magnetic systems
S. Mankovsky, S. Wimmer, and H. Ebert
Phys. Rev. B 98, 104406 (2018)
Terahertz Cyclotron Photoconductivity in a Highly Unbalanced Two-Dimensional Electron-Hole System
M. Savchenko, Z. Kvon, S. Candussio, N. Mikhailov, S. Dvoretskii, and S. Ganichev
JETP Letters 108, 247-252 (2018)
On the Fabrication of Graphene p-n Junctions and Their Application for Detecting Terahertz Radiation
G. Vasileva, Y. Vasilyev, S. Novikov, S. Danilov, and S. Ganichev
Semiconductors 52, 1077-1081 (2018)
Many-body spin echo
T. Engl, J. Urbina, K. Richter, and P. Schlagheck
Physical Review A (PRA) 98, 013630 (2018)
Mapping of the dark exciton landscape in transition metal dichalcogenides
G. Berghäuser, P. Steinleitner, P. Merkl, R. Huber, A. Knorr, and E. Malic
Physical Review B 98, 020301 (2018)
Spin relaxation in wurtzite nanowires
M. Kammermeier, P. Wenk, F. Dirnberger, D. Bougeard, and J. Schliemann
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 98, 035407 (2018)
Giant Terahertz Photoconductance of Quantum Point Contacts in the Tunneling Regime
M. Otteneder, Z. Kvon, O. Tkachenko, V. Tkachenko, A. Jaroshevich, E. Rodyakina, A. Latyshev, and S. Ganichev
Phys. Rev. Applied 10, 014015 (2018)
Electrically tunable exchange splitting in bilayer graphene on monolayer Cr2X2Te6 with X = Ge, Si, and Sn
K. Zollner, M. Gmitra, and J. Fabian
New Journal of Physics 20, 073007 (2018)
Nonlocal pair correlations in Lieb-Liniger gases: A unified nonperturbative approach from weak degeneracy to high temperatures
B. Geiger, Q. Hummel, J. Urbina, and K. Richter
Physical Review A (PRA) 97, 063612 (2018)
Electric-field control of interfacial spin-orbit fields
L. Chen, M. Gmitra, M. Vogel, R. Islinger, M. Kronseder, D. Schuh, D. Bougeard, J. Fabian, D. Weiss, and C. Back
Nature Electronics 1, 350-355 (2018)
Temperature and current dependence of the magnetoresistive behavior of poly(styrene-sulfonate)-doped poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT:PSS)
P. Klemm, S. Bange, H. Malissa, C. Boehme, and J. Lupton
Journal of Photonics for Energy 8, 032216 (2018)
Direct Detection of Singlet-Triplet Interconversion in OLED Magnetoelectroluminescence with a Metal-Free Fluorescence-Phosphorescence Dual Emitter
W. Ratzke, S. Bange, and J. Lupton
Physical Review Applied 9, 054038-1 (2018)
Lightwave valleytronics in a monolayer of tungsten diselenide
F. Langer, C. Schmid, S. Schlauderer, M. Gmitra, J. Fabian, P. Nagler, C. Schüller, T. Korn, P. Hawkins, J. Steiner, U. Huttner, S. Koch, M. Kira, and R. Huber
Nature 557, 76-80 (2018)
Protected Pseudohelical Edge States in Z2-Trivial Proximitized Graphene
T. Frank, P. Högl, M. Gmitra, D. Kochan, and J. Fabian
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 120, 156402 (2018)
Dark states in a carbon nanotube quantum dot
A. Donarini, M. Niklas, M. Schafberger, N. Paradiso, C. Strunk, and M. Grifoni
arXiv.org (2018)
Resonant scattering due to adatoms in graphene: Top, bridge, and hollow positions
S. Irmer, D. Kochan, J. Lee, and J. Fabian
Physical Review B 97, 075417 (2018)
Infrared/terahertz spectra of the photogalvanic effect in (Bi,Sb)Te based three-dimensional topological insulators
H. Plank, J. Pernul, S. Gebert, S. Danilov, J. König-Otto, S. Winnerl, M. Lanius, J. Kampmeier, G. Mussler, I. Aguilera, D. Grützmacher, and S. Ganichev
Phys. Rev. Materials 2, 024202 (2018)
Dielectric Engineering of Electronic Correlations in a van der Waals Heterostructure
P. Steinleitner, P. Merkl, A. Graf, P. Nagler, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, J. Zipfel, C. Schüller, T. Korn, A. Chernikov, S. Brem, M. Selig, G. Berghäuser, E. Malic, and R. Huber
Nano Letters 18, 1402-1409 (2018)
Spin Hall photoconductance in a three-dimensional topological insulator at room temperature
P. Seifert, K. Vaklinova, S. Ganichev, K. Kern, M. Burghard, and A. Holleitner
Nature Communications 9, 331 (2018)
Perspective: Theory of quantum transport in molecular junctions
M. Thoss, and F. Evers
The Journal of Chemical Physics 148, 030901 (2018)
Composition-dependent magnetic response properties of Mn1−xFexGe alloys
S. Mankovsky, S. Wimmer, S. Polesya, and H. Ebert
Phys. Rev. B 97, 024403 (2018)
Emergence of anisotropic Gilbert damping in ultrathin Fe layers on GaAs (001)
L. Chen, S. Mankovsky, S. Wimmer, M. Schoen, H. Körner, M. Kronseder, D. Schuh, D. Bougeard, H. Ebert, D. Weiss, and C. Back
Nature Physics 14, 490-494 (2018)
Breakdown of the Static Approximation for Free Carrier Screening of Excitons in Monolayer Semiconductors
M. Glazov, and A. Chernikov
physica status solidi (b) 255, 1800216 (2018)
Evidence for phonon skew scattering in the spin Hall effect of platinum
G. Karnad, C. Gorini, K. Lee, T. Schulz, R. Lo Conte, A. Wells, D. Han, K. Shahbazi, J. Kim, T. Moore, H. Swagten, U. Eckern, R. Raimondi, and M. Kläui
Physical Review B (PRB) 97, 100405(R) (2018)
Exciton Diffusion and Halo Effects in Monolayer Semiconductors
M. Kulig, J. Zipfel, P. Nagler, S. Blanter, C. Schüller, T. Korn, N. Paradiso, M. Glazov, and A. Chernikov
Physical Review Letters 120 (2018)
Enhancement of Exciton–Phonon Scattering from Monolayer to Bilayer WS2
A. Raja, M. Selig, G. Berghäuser, J. Yu, H. Hill, A. Rigosi, L. Brus, A. Knorr, T. Heinz, E. Malic, and A. Chernikov
Nano Letters 18, 6135-6143 (2018)
High-frequency rectification in graphene lateral p-n junctions
A. Vasilyev, G. Vasileva, S. Novikov, S. Tarasenko, S. Danilov, and S. Ganichev
Applied Physics Letters (APL) 112, 041111 (2018)
Colloquium : Excitons in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides
G. Wang, A. Chernikov, M. Glazov, T. Heinz, X. Marie, T. Amand, and B. Urbaszek
Reviews of Modern Physics 90, 021001 (2018)
Spatial extent of the excited exciton states in WS2 monolayers from diamagnetic shifts
J. Zipfel, J. Holler, A. Mitioglu, M. Ballottin, P. Nagler, A. Stier, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, S. Crooker, P. Christianen, T. Korn, and A. Chernikov
Physical Review B 98, 075438 (2018)


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