Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter
From Fundamental Aspects to Electronic Functionality


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Dies Academicus – gender equality award (MINT)

This year, the prize goes to Stephan Giglberger, Faculty of Physics, for the Girls Go Science project. The project is aimed at schoolgirls aged 15 and over and is carried out together with Sandra Hannweg (MINT Labs), female doctoral and master's students at the University of Regensburg. It combines university research in the STEM field with knowledge transfer, mobilizes and motivates young talents, strengthens the personal activity of female students and doctoral candidates from the disciplines and subjects involved by engaging in direct exchange with the schoolgirls as lecturers. The jury emphasizes the proximity of the project to current research topics at the university and also places the awarding of the prize in the context of the commitment of the Faculty of Physics and cooperating faculties in line with the aforementioned guiding principle. All those involved in the Girls Go Science project who are committed to gender equality in the STEM field, who see schoolgirls as future students and female students as future scientists, are thanked with the award, first and foremost Dr. Giglberger. The prize is endowed with 5.000,00 €.





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