Project B08

 Christian Baumgartner
 Niklas Hüttner
Dr. Nicola Paradiso
 Jay Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Christoph Strunk
 Lorenz Fuchs
 Thomas Huber

Spin-orbit effects in the supercurrent response of superconducting heterostructures and Josephson junctions


The project aims at a deeper understanding of spin-orbit interaction (SOI) effects in super­conduc­tivity both in epitaxial Al/InAs-heterostructures an nanopatterned arrays of Josephson junc­tions based on these heterostructures. In addition, we will study the supercurrent response and spon­taneous supercurrents in other quasi-two-dimensional films combining strong SOI and supercon­ductivity. Besides standard transport measurements, we will employ kinetic inductance measure­ments and scanning Hall microscopy.