Project B04

PD Dr. Andreas Hüttel
 Paul Linsmaier
Prof. Dr. Milena Grifoni
Prof. Dr. Christoph Strunk
Dr. Magdalena Marganska-Lyzniak
 Nico Leumer
 Jordi Pico Cortes

Spin-orbit interaction in hybrid superconductor-1D systems


We plan to investigate experimentally and theoretically the interplay between superconducting correlations, spin-orbit coupling (SOC) and electron-electron interactions in carbon nanotubes and HgTe-nanowires coupled to superconductors. Focus will be on superconducting proximity effects in the presence of SOC-induced spin-valley or spin-momentum locking, as well as on the impact of SOC on the Josephson current or on subgap states, e.g. Yu-Shiba-Rusinov and Andreev bound states, in various set-ups.