Project A07

 Jacob Fuchs
Dr. Cosimo Gorini
 Vanessa Junk
Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter
PD Dr. Juan Diego Urbina
 Andreas Bereczuk
 Michael Barth
 Wolfgang Hogger

Quantum transport and time-dependent dynamics of Dirac fermions


The project is centred around various inter-related quantum phenomena of Dirac fermions on TI surfaces: Three complementary research streams encompass (i) ultrafast dynamics subject to laser pulses, together with phenomena such as high-harmonic generation and dynamical anomalous Hall effects; (ii) various magneto-transport phenomena in TI-based nanowires and tubes, in particular peculiar geometrical quantum effects arising at curved surfaces; (iii) effects of spin-momentum locking on the morphology of confined topological surface states in “TI quantum corrals”. Semiclassical path integral methods, quantum mechanical wave-packet techniques and transport codes will be used.