Project A05

Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber
 Marlene Liebich
 Simon Maier
 Manuel Meierhofer
 Martin Zizlsperger
 Markus Huber
 Fabian Sandner
 Josef Freudenstein

Subcycle dynamics of Dirac fermions in topological insulators


Phase-locked infrared light pulses will be used to trace and control topologically protected Dirac fermions faster than a cycle of light. Following the concept of lightwave electronics, we will ballistically accelerate Dirac fermions with the carrier wave of light and study new quantum aspects of quasi-relativistic dynamics, such as Berry curvature effects, Zitterbewegung, and lightwave spinĀ­tronics. Going beyond single-particle dynamics, we will explore collective excitations, such as low-loss Dirac plasmon polaritons, and control their linear and nonlinear response in TI nanostructures directly in space and time, by ultrafast nanoscopy.