Project A04

Dr. Sergey Danilov
 Stefan Hubmann
Prof. Dr. Sergey Ganichev

Terahertz spectroscopy of Dirac fermion systems


The aim of the project is to explore optoelectronic phenomena induced by high power monochromatic terahertz (THz) radiation in 2D and 3D topological insulators and graphene. By applying strong-field terahertz spectroscopy we plan to study: (i) energy spectrum reconstruction by intense terahertz electric fields; (ii) photovoltaic Hall effect at zero magnetic field induced by circularly polarized radiation; and (iii) edge photocurrents caused by the non-trivial topology of Floquet states. As a result we expect to obtain insights into the underlying microscopic mechanisms of THz fields induced phenomena, both in the perturbation limit and beyond, as well as to gain basic information on spin/charge THz transport in these materials.