Project A01

Prof. Dr. Christian Back
Prof. Dr. Dominique Bougeard
Dr. Lin Chen
Dr. Dieter Schuh
 Florian Dirnberger
 Michael Prager
 Michaela Trottmann
Dr. Matthias Kronseder

Topological insulators: band structure engineering, interfaces and hybrid structures


Project A01 studies semiconductors interfaced with ferromagnets and superconductors in hybrid thin film structures. The project will target both (Bi1-xSbx)2(Te1-ySey)3 topological insulators interacting with ferromagnets and two-dimensional electron systems in strong spin-orbit materials such as InAs or InSb interfaced with thin film superconductors. It will harness novel phenomena and topological states resulting from the interaction in these hybrid thin film structures. An important part of the project will be devoted to a systematic optimization of the properties of hybrid thin film structures through an engineering of the bandstructure and of the interface.