Emergent Relativistic Effects in Condensed Matter
From Fundamental Aspects to Electronic Functionality

Workshops & Schools

Spring academy 2021 (IRTG)

Topology, superconductivity and ultrashort laser pulses
- exploration of exotic states of matter

The Spring School will take place online from 12.04.-16.04.2021.

We are happy to announce the following lectures:

Prof. Dr. Isabella Gierz, University of Regensburg:
"Dynamical band structure engineering"

Dr. Tobias Meng, Technical University of Dresden:
"Using lattice deformations to access new physics in topological semimetals"

Dr. Fabrizio Nichele, IBM Research – Zurich:
"Superconductor/semiconductor hybrid systems"

Dr. Anton Akhmerov, Delft University of Technology:
"Numerical simulation of topological insulators and superconductors"

Due to the onging pandemic, our Spring School will take place online via Zoom. The speakers will give several lectures to explain the physical background and scientific results in their research fields. Additionally, we will have two virtual "poster sessions" (similar to the CRC evaluation), where students should present their ongoing projects.

To not completely miss the social aspect, we are planning several virtual coffee breaks, discussions and an online evening event on Thursday.

On top, we are very happy to welcome two special guests who will show us more of the universe:

"The Galactic Center Black Hole"
On Tuesday at 18:00 Dr. Stefan Gillessen from MPI for extraterrestrial physics will make visible what cannot be seen – the black hole in the centre of our galaxy. We will get insight into the research that has been awarded the Nobel prize in 2020 and learn about the current state of the art.

"The Fundamental Laws of Physics - or how to reach one's goals"
To close our School on Friday at 13:00 Laura Winterling will take us onto her journey from physics student to astronaut instructor for ESA and then send us to space together with her trainees. Thereby, she will emphasise key skills for our own successful future.

More information as well as the schedule and Zoom link can be found in the member area of our homepage.

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12.04.2021 - 16.04.2021




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